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animated website
Whilst at school she was always pushed in the front rows of auditions and festivals gaining more and more confidence for live performances as she matured. '' Sing live and feel alive' becoming her motto.

Listening to her parents old 12 inch records of Shirley Bassey and later Sarah Brightman has inspired SANYA to sing and perform to these levels and standards of such great DIVAs.
For this music rising star we wanted to create something special . So we designed and developed this one page full responsive website that is very easy to use and user friendly. And because music is the main theme we created cool looking music player so You can hear all new Sanyas songs.

And all standard features are included (video, photo, events, contact form etc.)
The best part of this website is complete music player with songs list and previous and next and fast rewind options. so You can jump to song part that you like
We done animation based on
Sanya’s handwriten signatrue
So that she colud levae personal
mark on hers presentation