Halfull is pioneering the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts, Internet of Things (IoT) Helping businesses with data-driven insights for profitable decision making.

Halfull’s Data Analytics and Data Visualization Service provides a state-of-the-art multidimensional insight information analysis to business in making their strategic operational or marketing decisions. It can also be used as a profitable stand-alone service, for example a bi-spoke software platform for Location Based Services, such as Data Visualization of the WiFi signals from users’ devices while roaming in large shopping centers or hotel venues in order to determine which shops or products attracts most attention as well as understanding people movement in numeric terms for logistic planning.

By implementing Data Analytics to RFID tagging Location Based Service and associated Halfull’s custom made software platform used for Data Visualization can potentially save millions of pounds for organizations as well in improving efficiency in business operations, such as products stock management and inventory tracking in NHS Hospital Trusts and large Warehouses.

Halfull’s Data Visualization supporting software platform can also be used for the Network Management and Service Performance Monitoring, including Security.

The implementation opportunities for Data Analytics Service are countless.

Halfull is ready to support any size business with expert UX Design to further enhance user experience and satisfaction with the products and solutions delivered.

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